Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Slough of Exhaustion

Today was just grueling.

Up early to attend presentations. Lunch speaker (interesting presentation from Dr. Barker about his planned research project -- made a lot of notes about activity theory which I found interesting). Class was just brutal. Trying to write. Trying to crunch numbers. Our group not working particularly well together.

When time for the drop off dinner of wraps (again!) came around we ditched it and went off campus. Bar food. Greasy hamburgers. Heaven just to escape campus and the grind.

A late night polishing my presentation but lots of fun just chatting and socializing with folks. Everyone must be feeling the same need to let off steam as people seem to be out and about everywhere -- shouting from balcony to balcony and hanging out in the laundry room. Actually a pretty fun night to cap off a not so fun day.

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