Monday, May 12, 2008

Information Overload

That is the only description for my first day in the May Workshop.

Overwhelming, awe inspiring, amazing, full -- very, very full.

We kicked off at 8 a.m. with brief meet and greet over breakfast and then launched into talks by the Director of Graduate Studies in TCR, Dr. Joyce Joyce Locke Carter, and Dr. Sam Dragga, English Department Chair.

Dr. Carter told us more about the history of the program and its ongoing development as well as how closely we had been vetted before admission. More than 75% of program applicants are rejected. Dr. Carter emphasized how much the faculty wanted the program as well as the individual students to thrive and succeed.

Dr. Dragga emphasized how closely we were being scrutinized as the pioneers in this new type of program and that how important it is that we represent TTU well now and in the future.

We then moved on to hear Dr. Ryan Boettger's dissertation defense.

Lunch included informal conversations with faculty and fellow students and concluded with Dr. Dragga sharing his research project involving the ethics of graphical images.

The afternoon was filled with Usability testing (four hours worth!)

Then dinner and more information from Dr. Carter followed by Dr. Susan Lang, Director of Composition, presenting about her research with the composition database.

This cannot even begin to convey all the tidbits of information shared by faculty and the other cohorts about classes, research, and the job market.

By the day's end we were completely overwhelmed with information.

Poor planning on my part. I didn't bring my phone and so didn't get to talk with Noah before bedtime. I miss him so much!

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