Saturday, May 17, 2008

Changing Faces

While four members of our cohort went to their annual reviews, Julie Davis, Chris Ryan, and myself went to Ihop for breakfast and worked on pulling together our project plan. It was a nice break.

At lunch Dr. Carter talked about Gender Identity Disorder and internal arguments for making decisions about how to live with it (or not). It was a very interesting look into future research plans as well as personal struggles.

The afternoon started out well as we pulled together our plan and worked to finalize our project plan but in the afternoon as we grew more tired and the pressure mounted we had some group tension. We managed to work through it though.

We got done much later with the project than we expected. Then I called home to discover Noah had been sick. It is so hard to be away from him and even more so when I know he is sick and I'm not there to take care of him.

Although we were dragging and tired when we got back we decided to take advantage of Joyce and Becky's invitation to an informal party at their home. It was a good choice to get away and relax as well as enjoy a beer, music, food, and conversation. Just a reminder there is life after the May Seminar.

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