Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back To Life...Back To Reality

Now that I am back home and trying to swing back into a routine (probably will have more success with that next week) I'm setting up my goals and plans.

This summer I will be taking "Discourse and Technology: Computers and Writing" which should be interesting due to my interest in that intersection of knowledge.

I also plan to do more reading about composition theory and pedagogy as well as research basics this summer to help me think about and plan future research. I really want to develop a better understanding (and support) for what I think about discourse community awareness.

Understanding The Discourse Community and Its Implications For The Teaching Of Writing

My other self directed reading project will be developing a better understanding of the Writing Project so I can do a better job as Morehead Writing Project Site Director.

I hope that will lead into some research about the population we serve and how best to meet their needs.

That should keep me busy for the summer and equip me to better make decisions about where I want to go in the Fall.

Oh, and I plan to work up my reading list and my personal web site, Deanna Mascle, to reflect my work and research interests.

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