Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Arrival

I arrived in Lubbock and am already overwhelmed by how warm and welcoming everyone is to the "newbies".

The trip was terrible. I hated leaving my boy on Mother's Day and I miss him terribly. I cried much of the flight. Usability reading got me through it (you can't stay emotional when reading that material). The connection in Dallas was nerve-wracking at best. I was on the ground about 15 minutes and ran from one terminal to the next afraid I would miss my connection. I made it but only just.

Sue Henson collected Marc Dimaggio and myself at the airport. They are both in the second cohort and were so nice and welcoming. The introductions came fast and furious after arriving on campus. Then I got to meet my roommates. I quickly bonded with Lora Arduser of the University of Cincinnati, Julie Davis of Clarkson University, and Christine Hubbell of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs over dinner and Wal-Mart shopping. We stayed up late chatting, worrying, and planning.

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