Monday, May 19, 2008

Annual Review

Whew! Annual review over!

I was nervous about the whole review. After all, there is a spot on the form about the student's fitness to continue with the program. I stayed up late slaving over my degree plan and then stopped by the computer lab early to print off the documents. As I'm printing I share my worries with Lennie and Pete (Frodos) and they tell me they have the same worries every year. That didn't allay my fears.

Then as I'm walking down the hall Dr. Still tells me that Dr. Kemp has a conflict (ironically with Pete) so he (Brian) will try to bring in Dr. Carter.

They both indicated they were pleased with my progress in the program and were interested in my discourse community research idea. They revised the fall schedule I had planned and indicated I should be done with course work next fall. Wow.

Another exhausting day planning working on our test plan for usability. Up late to finish my portion and I just can't do any more. I'm tired and I just don't feel well.

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