Friday, May 15, 2009

Writing a dissertation question is messy

Then we met with my full committee (Fred Kemp and Becky Rickly) and that is when things got really messy.

~ Writing workshop has been done a lot (even online writing workshop)
~ Community is problematic (not accurate, overused)
~ Knowledge doesn't transfer or contribute to self-efficacy

~ Look at the "why" workshop does (or does not work) in specific context
~ Look at how we can create a "community" (need to find a new term) that extends beyond the finite context (of a class) to promote transfer and self-efficacy

Some points to think about:
~ What can make the lessons/benefits of writing workshop longterm and sustainable?
~ What can help writers create their own writing "communities"?
~ What can motivate writers to continue with this work on their own (self motivation)?
~ Self-sponsored learning is transfer
~ How can this work contribute to tc?


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