Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some thoughts inspired by Ede

Gap? What do our students "need" to know?

Composition - Pedagogy - Computers and Writing

My research agenda - what do we need to teach our writers, how do we best teach writing, how can we best use technology to teach and assist writing

For me, process helps students understand writing better so they fear and dread it less -- I can't make them all love writing but I can raise their comfort level and ease that dread and fear which can only work to raise their ability and willingness to continue working on their writing -- raising their awareness and understanding of how writing works and develops (the process) can also help them learn how to improve their writing -- more awareness translates into stronger writing.

Is there one way to teach? One way to write? NO!

Writing process is important to creation of product and limbering those writing muscles but social process is key to situating that writing and transferring knowledge from one writing task to another.

What percentage of internet to tradition...
successful completion (c or better)
breakdown (A,B,C)

Interview with teachers -- connection to teacher and other students -- asynchronous or synchronous

Pre and post survey

test score
college english grade
high school english grade
experience with genre

Is taking an internet class a necessity or a convenience?

Study professionalism/training in comp teachers

Grant proposal to test a writing center pilot (online?)

Pilot test distributed grading

paper/project - benefits of electronic portfolios and distributed grading -- system solution

I believe (learning/teaching) process essential for developing writers (those learning or attempting "new" tasks) but experienced/expert writers have moved beyond the need for process as they have internalized an individual process that is effective for the writing tasks they face.

I wonder how many of those who dismiss process actually work with struggling/developing writers?

vignette about teaching freshman composition?

What is the real/perceived value of fyc -- admin, faculty, teachers, students

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