Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love my subconscious

I actually practiced what I preach today.

I always push my writing students to harness the power of their subconscious (unconscious mind?) for their writing.

Today I wrote out my worries, concerns, and ideas (here) and then went on with my life and other things.

Now I'm starting to see the glimmerings of hope and focus.

I think perhaps a very good place to start would be to work on a literature review on my various areas of interest (starting with discourse and technology and any points of overlap with other topics). That I think may not only help me refine my ability and understanding of this important research tool (the lit review I mean) but also deepen my understanding of the topics and give me a better understanding of the gaps in knowledge so I can do a better job when the time comes to actually create a research project.

I feel better for having a plan and a starting point. That is what was making me so crazy -- having so many ideas and thoughts rambling (or rather pinging around like racquetballs or a game of pong on steroids) in my head.

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