Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feminist Theory and the Redefinition of Technical Communications

Reflections on Mary M. Lay's "Feminist Theory and the Redefinition of Technical Communications":

Characteristics of Feminist Theory:
1. Celebration of difference
2. Theory activating social change
3. Acknowledgement of scholars' backgrounds and values
4. Inclusion of women's experiences
5. Study of gaps and silences in traditional scholarship
6. New sources of knowledge

Issues in Feminist Theory:
1. Emphasize similarities or differences?
2. Differences located in cultural or biological traits?
3. Should these issues promote or displace binary opposite?

In affiliating with scientific positivism and objectivey, traditional technical communication ranks higher than subjective types of writing, engages in dualistic thinking and maintains closeness with patriarchy -- and resists redefinition

Interdisciplinary, collaborative nature of technical communication will lead field in direction of feminist theory

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