Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Looking Backward and Forward

Whew! I managed to survive the Fall Semester but it was a rough one. Too many new challenges all at once. The Spring Semester should be no less busy but hopefully I have learned from those terrible fall experiences how to manage the spring.

This semester I'm coordinating my research projects and my classes so they will complement each other rather than conflict (and cause mucho stress). I'm also working on a better balance with my writing project work -- we'll see how that works out.

This semester I am taking Field Methods of Research and Data Mining.

I also started my collaborative grading project at Morehead -- and plan to use that work for Field Methods.

Julie, Tisha and I are working on a joint project, Digital Connections and Learning Styles, that will come to a head this semester but I'm hoping to use that for Data Mining.

Still mulling my choices for my Committee -- might be getting closer to a decision but then I've thought that before!

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