Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thinking about Fall projects

I'm taking two classes this Fall: Argument and Introduction to Research Methods in Technical Communication and Composition.

I've been told either I will benefit tremendously from taking these together or my brain will explode. Stay tuned!

The advice I've been given by others successfully completing two classes is to choose a topic that can serve both classes. Clearly project and papers must be written separately, but some research can serve double-duty and time spent thinking and planning can overlap as well.

Right now I'm thinking about continuing my study of the online writing workshop. I would like to frame an argument for it becoming the prevailing method of teaching composition rather than the standard lecture with papers written outside of class model that certainly is the prevailing method at my institution. (Perhaps I'm wrong about that but I'd like to find out). I will have to undertake two microstudies for research methods so I could do a faculty survey looking at how composition is taught now (time spent on lecture, group work, peer review, etc.) and how many instructors either teach online or use it to support instruction. I could also survey syllabi to extrapolate some information. I'm interested in doing some study of my online class archives but that may have to wait.

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